Jobs with Horses – Could a Job in the Equine Industry Be Your Big Break?

With so many different career options available in our modern world, it can prove a challenge to find the perfect fit. Luckily for animal lovers, there’s a lucrative and often overlooked line of work taking Australia by storm – Jobs with Horses.

Now you might hear this and only think of a Jockey; but the industry is so much vaster than this. Stud Assistant, Horse Trainer, and Race Day Informant, are just a few of the many job titles you’ll find in this multifaceted and profitable industry. Let’s dive into the world of equestrian work and take a look at the advantages of the many available Working with horses career options.


Racing Jobs

For those who love horse racing, becoming a jockey is the way to go. Stud owners hire a jockey to ride their horse in a race, and with some experience, this can become a profitable career. Jockeys start off making around $85 per race; but this rate increases as a jockey gains more experience – especially if they’ve won a few races. Jockeys also have the chance to win prize money from their races. Or as it’s called on track ‘The Purse Money’. This can be worth any amount all the way into the millions – now that’s some serious cash!


Stud Trainer

Stud trainer, as the name suggests, is a person who trains horses to compete in races. Their usual place of work is on a stud farm; where horses are specifically bred for racing, and teams of trainers and farm hands all work to raise and train them. A stud trainer’s responsibilities include riding the horse and teaching it racing skills. You could think of a stud trainer as somewhat of a ghostwriter for a jockey – getting the horse ready for the race behind the scenes. On average, stud trainers make $34,000 a year.



Similar to a stud trainer, a horse groomer works on the stud farm, with a large focus on physical care. Horse groomers manage the horses every day care, and take notice of any changes in the horse’s behaviour and health. They report these changes to the horse’s veterinarian. Tasks include feed preparation, bathing and brushing of the horse, general maintenance of the barn area – including cleaning stalls and equipment, refilling water containers, saddling and unsaddling, hand walking horses, administering basic first aid and more. Groomers with riding experience may also warm up and warm down a horse for the stud trainer. This Jobs with horses will earn around $30,000 to $55,000+ per year.


Horse Veterinarian

This is a medical practitioner who specialises in working with Equidae. They work closely with the groomer to ensure the health and livelihood of the horses. Regular check-ups, vaccination, and other treatments, are all part of the veterinarian’s craft. This is a higher paying job in the equine industry, with the average yearly salary being $85,000.


Bloodstock Agent

Bloodstock Agent is a commission based job, involving the evaluation, purchasing and auctioning of horses. There are two major specialisations – racing stock, and breeding stock. An agent can also work with a combination of both. Experts tend to vary around the world, with most agents having specialty knowledge in the specific horse breeds in their area. Some may also specialise in evaluating hot bloods, warm bloods, cold bloods, or ponies. Bloodstock agents earn around $30,000 a year, but this can become a 6 figure career when it comes to bigger deals, and the volume of deals as well.


There are plenty of Jobs with Horses available

As you can see, there are plenty of fun and exciting jobs the equine industry can provide. Working with horses is more than just racing; it’s creating a connection with some of the most majestic and gentle animals Mother Nature has to offer. With many different sectors like dressage, show jumping, eventing, polo and more there’s a career opportunity for every horse lover. Now giddy up and go find your dream job!

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