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Besides our Horse Job advertising from $30, Equine staff Australia has a variety of different advertising options please read before for options.

FRONT PAGE IMAGE (Bottom or side of the page).

Image linked to your web page or business card or social media account.

Horse Businesses Prices

3 month $10

6 months $25

12 months $40

(Sorry we don’t allow non- horse sites in this section)

Horse Businesses Directory- Free do it yourself Ad or featured ones.

3 months $5

6 months $15

12 months $25

For gambling or other web pages.  (We do not permit sex sites sorry)

1 month $80

3 months $210

6 months $330

12 Months $480


Swap of Links- Free (Must be easily searchable) (We do not permit gambling or sex sites sorry)

No Link Swap – 12 months $20 for horse businesses.

Other Business test link including Gambling ((We do not permit  sex sites sorry) $80 for 1 month or $390 for 6 months or $680 for 12 months.


Free if a article relevant to the horse industry.


Equine staff has several types of newsletters including

– job alert to job seekers once a job arrives. We currently have over 10,000 job seekers getting sent job alerts. Your newsletter job alert is sent out 1-2 times per week depending on when new jobs arrive. You can be a sponsored ad on these alerts.

– Promotion newsletters to our contact lists from employers and other clients- over 25,000 people.

Your ad will be attached to all our newsletters. You can have up to 100 words, 3 pictures, a link and contact details.

1 month advertising packages only. $15 per month for horse ads or $40 per month for non horsey ads.

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