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Let’s look at a Stallion handlers Job

Is this your next career move?   One of the many Jobs working in the horse breeding sector is as a stallion handler. A stallion handler is a highly professional horseman whose main job is to care for and manage the stud stallions. Often the next step for someone working as a stud hand. What does a stallion handler do? 

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A Closer Look at Famous Australian Racecourses

“Flemington racecourse” (CC BY 2.0) by PreciousBytes If you’re on the equine staff at a top stable, the chances are a horse you look after or ride out for work every day will be heading sooner or later to one of the top tracks in Australia. With that in mind, here are four famous Australian racecourses which attract entries from top thoroughbreds. Flemington

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The Five World’s Richest Horse Races

What would you do if you were working at a stable and unearthed a truly great racehorse? Perhaps you are an amateur rider who feels that your horse could go on to amazing things? Well, if you were looking to make some money you could enter into some of the most valuable horse races in the world: (1) The Pegasus

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Organisations involved with Equestrian Sport

There are many organisations that have been instrumental in the development of the Horse Sports insdustry as a whole, these include: AIS Australian Institute of Sports EFA Equestrian Federation of Australia FEI Federation Equestre Internationale AHRC Australian Horse Riding Centres PCAA Pony Club Association of Australia RDA Riding for Disabled AIS As Australia’s strategic high performance sport agency, the

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Replay Classifieds Horses & Equestrian online resource website Horse Racing Australia Horse Racing International Horse Jobs Racing Information

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2nd Year Visa Jobs.

Need a 2nd Year Visa? Many newly registered Traveling Job Seekers have expressed interest in obtaining a 2nd year visa. Having already undertaken 3 months work in a regional area of Australia and they are still under 31 they want a 2nd chance to enjoy our beautiful country. Typically they must work in a rural area and undertake a job

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